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Getting the best from your Facebook Ad campaign: Four tips to consider:



Always use an image in the ad, limit the amount of text within the image. Your image should be specific to what you are promoting.

Using video content with eye-catching visuals of customers actively using your product or service along with a strong Call To Action (CTA) is a bonus.

Headline has to have a hook and a (CTA)

Point out the problem/issue/benefit, what they are going to get and why they should pay attention and or take action now. If you want them to take a specific action, then tell them.

Telling them what to do with a compelling CTA improves conversion rates for every ad you create.

Audience Targeting

Before advertising you should have a clear idea of your ideal clients/customer. Research who your audience is this will take a bit of tweaking to get a fine balance between depth and breadth of your audience.  You could also conduct an offline survey using your email database.

Another way of honing your target market on Facebook is using Facebook insights, finding out the demographics of your champion followers.

Installing a Facebook pixel on your website and collecting behavioural data along with your demographic information you can then create a similar audience of those who are not followers to advertise to.

What is your objective?

For campaigns meant to drive traffic to a specific page on your website i.e. your landing page/ product page, you need to make the CTA and value proposition relevant to that action.