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Key steps to creating a strong SEO strategy is making sure it is optimised for both On-Site/Page and Off-Site SEO to make sure the search engines can easily find and index your site, and that it is seen by your targeted audience at the right time by creating relevant content.

Optimising On-Site SEO

Relevancy to your audience is the key, and at the risk of repeating it, it is always putting the needs of your audience first.

You have control for what appears on your website’s pages site architecture; e.g. researched keywords, anchor text, HTML headings.

So you have to ensure that you meet the dual requirements of balancing the need be extremely relevant to your audiences search queries, and at the same time making the site’s pages interesting to the search engine crawlers, once you achieve this you can hit a good sweet spot. 

For on-site SEO optimisation we strongly recommend the Yoast SEO plugin.
In our opinion, this is the best SEO tool for WordPress sites, and it’s completely free!

Yoast makes it easy to set targeted keywords, control titles & meta descriptions and manage sitemaps while giving you feedback each step of the way.

Optimising Off-Site SEO

Optimising Off-Site SEO includes social media marketing, influencer marketing, guest blogging and building backlinks

Improving the Off-Site SEO of a website happens by getting links from other sites. Companies and blogs that are reputable from sources outside of your website and are good to be associated with while gaining positive reviews, brand mentions and all the while gaining links from these sites.

Interacting with those within your social media reach is important, and if you can connect with them meaningfully both offline building a rapport and even meeting them at events all leading to strong online and offline links.

White Hat SEO – What does this mean?

Peeling away all the detail in essence it is about creating content for users and not for search engines.

We have outlined some of the best practises for optimising your website or specific pages on your site and these techniques are called white hat SEO, and by keeping within these parameters you will not stray far from your chosen online goals. 

SEO techniques are considered white hat if they meet the search engines guidelines.

Things to avoid: Most everything else. We will not go into the murky waters of grey hat SEO and black hat SEO other than to say that it is not worth the effort if you wish to develop your business site in the long term. There are too many opportunities for search engines to penalise those that do go down this route. 

So if someone or an agency mentions black or grey hat techniques as an option run far and fast!

Our SEO services include On-Site SEO optimisation, content strategy, search audits & white hat link building techniques to help your Google search results.